About Us


PetroLogistics is a Houston based company focused on acquiring, developing and operating petrochemical manufacturing, processing and logistics assets in North America. Since its formation in 2004, PetroLogistics has sought to create value through the implementation of creative solutions in support of the North American petrochemical industry. Each project undertaken is premised on the identification and development of a critical strategic advantage based on hardware, geography, commercial dynamics and technology. This strategy has been successfully implemented in the development of two major companies in the transportation and storage sector (PL Midstream) and the manufacturing sector (PetroLogistics L.P.) of the US petrochemical industry.


PetroLogistics LP
PetroLogistics developed, owned and operated the first propane dehydrogenation (PDH) facility in North America. PDH is a catalyst based process by which propane is “dehydrogenated” (ie, the hydrogen is separated from the propane molecule) to produce propylene.  The PetroLogistics facility, located on the Houston Ship Channel, was the largest PDH plant in the world when it was commissioned in 2010. In 2012, the company went public on the NYSE as a master limited partnership (MLP) under the name PetroLogistics LP in the largest MLP IPO in history as of that date. Since PetroLogistics’ introduction of this process to the North American market, PDH has been acknowledged as the most advantageous technology for the future expansion of propylene production capacity worldwide. In 2014, the PetroLogistics LP was sold to Flint Hills Resources, who continues to operate the PDH facility.

PL Midstream
Prior to the development of its PDH facility, PetroLogistics owned and operated an extensive system of pipeline transportation and storage assets under the name PL Midstream. This company provided mission-critical logistics services to the petrochemical industry in Louisiana. PL Midstream’s assets included salt dome storage facilities in the Baton Rouge and Lake Charles areas where the company stored ethane, ethylene, E/P mix, propane, and natural gas. The PL Midstream also had pipeline systems that transported ethylene and propylene for major producers and consumers along the Mississippi River Corridor. PL Midstream was sold to Boardwalk Partners in 2012.


David Lumpkins– Chairman
Nathan Ticatch– President
Richard Rice– SVP, General Counsel
Randy Miller– SVP Engineering & Operations
Les Sprott– Dir Info Tech

Financial Sponsor
In January 2018, PetroLogistics formalized a relationship with Quantum Energy Partners, whereby Quantum will supply the majority of the equity capital required to fund projects undertaken by PetroLogistics. Quantum and certain members of PetroLogistics management have committed over $500 million to support the investment strategy of PetroLogistics. Based in Houston, Quantum Energy Partners is a leading provider of private equity capital to the global energy industry, having managed together with its affiliates more than $16 billion in equity commitments since inception in 1998.